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For Easter I have special prices on all things with organic cacao.  I love it!

Facial Scrubs Maca, Cacao Plus and Flawless.  They will make your skin feel so wonderful and also help tone to get rid of any wrinkles and fine lines :)

Body Scrub with Coffee, Cacao and Orange will leave your skin feeling super hydrated and help battle cellulite. 

And of course the sensual Cacao Lip Scrub.  Apart from this special price I have a competition on my Facebook and Instagram pages to win this lovely Cacao Lip Scrub.  Scrubbing your lips is great for your lips, keeping them super for kissing and will help prevent chapped lips this winter.  Check them all out!! 

I had my first demonstrations and private parties last week and enjoyed meeting new people and introducing them to natural and organic skin love :) If you are interested please get in touch.  Hosts receive a voucher and guests a 10% discount on the day.  Sounds like a plan.............



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