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Back to Nature!

You may or may not know I have been "bush" bound since 27th September apart from 1 day last week when I was able to use my car.  It has been a huge lesson in patience and proper hermit living.  The story reads like an exaggeration but sad to say it is very true and it goes like this - Day 1 - RACT came and looked at my car and could not get it started.  Day 2 - RACT towed it to the Service Station and I picked it up later that day :) Day 3 - Wild weather and I didn't venture outside.  Day 4 - Couldn't get the car started.  Day 5 -  Mechanic came in the morning with a spare part.  Wrong spare part posted to him.  He made a 3 hr round trip and came back with the proper spare part which he fitted. Bless him :) Days 6 and 7 -  Weekend and I had trouble starting the car. Day 8 - Car started, drove to town, mechanic told be the replaced part was faulty.  Another spare part ordered. Day 9 - Spare part didn't arrive.  Day 10 -  Mechanic came out with spare part. Day 11 - Car wouldn't start.  Day 12 - RACT towed car away to get fixed...again. 
I am hopeful to be back in business this week and will be filling orders and Express posting.  Thank you everyone for all your uplifting messages and patience :)  

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