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Up and Running........

I have relocated to Strahan on the West Coast of Tasmania! I am still unpacking and organising my work room but will start making batches of fresh product very soon. I have orders so far for the Coffee and Vanilla Scrub, Babies Bottom Balm, Baby Powder, Babies Bath Milk, Rose and Vanilla Toner, Lavender Deodorant, Blossoming Belly Balm, Toothpaste, Sleepy Oil and some essential oil blends for humidifiers and oil burners. I will be making these first so if you are after anything else please PM me and I will pop them on the list. Have a fantastic weekend and keep warm :)  

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This baby wombat was orphaned. Norma, her carer, feeds her every 4 hours and she is doing really well! Norma also uses one of my creams on the wombat's skin to protect it.  Norma's Cream is good for baby wombats, great for your chapped lips and wonderful and nourishing for all dry skin on your face and body.  Marvellous.

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Into Your Skin - the bush where the insiration comes from, is For Sale

This special parcel of bush is where my inspiration for Into Your Skin came from. Living off grid here for the past 6 years has been wonderful. We have learnt so much and every day has been enjoyable and interesting. Walking the tracks, growing veggies, pumping the water, morning coffee with the sunrise, listening and watching the wildlife, its all been fantastic. Now it's time to move on and as one door shuts another one opens. Our unique off grid mud brick home which is which is nestled amongst 68 acres of native dry and wet sclerophyll forest, with 1 km of river frontage and a year-round creek is FOR SALE. Positioned at the back of the property on a...

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Reopening 18th January 2018!

  Thanks for all the x I am currently on holiday in WA spending time with family and friends. I am heading back to Tasmania this week and will start making more skincare once home. I am planning to reopen on the 18th January 2018. If you would like anything please send me an email at and I will catch up with you as soon as I return. Janice

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