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All my fresh ingredients have finally arrived. And this week I am able to start making fresh batches of old favourites from Into Your Skin. Thank you to all of you who have been in touch this past year with your lovely and kind positive words, and questions about future products. I will slowly start re-building the brand and as always, if you have any questions, just drop me an email or a text and I will get do my best to answer.  Janice x

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Making fresh stock this weekend....

I have been busy moving from NE Tasmania to Strahan these past 5 weeks. Yes, it took much longer than we thought and although there are still lots of boxes to be unpacked I am settled enough to start filling in my outstanding orders.  Thank you so much ladies for your patience! I just wanted you all to know I will be making the following products first to fill these outstanding orders...... Blossoming Belly Balms. Eye Balm. Face Creams. Norma's Cream. Hand Cream. Superfoods Facial Scrub.  Maca Facial Scrub. Revive Facial Scrub. Lemon and Lavender Facial Scrub. Coffee and Vanilla Body Scrub. Wild Waves Salty Pot Body Scrub.  Citrus Salty Pot Body Scrub. Vapour Healing Balm. Babies Bottom Balm. Babies...

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