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Summer is here so now is the time to pour as much love as you can into your skin.  Gentle facial scrubs and exfoliating body scrubs would seem a good way to go. I wish I had know earlier how wonderful raw food is for your skin.  The yoghurt experiment of last week went well;  "non fat" is definitely better suited for normal to oily skin.  Milk and Oats is the best facial scrub for me to cleanse my face.  Very gentle so it can be used everyday and really hydrating so I don't need to use a face cream after. I love it! Today I am making soap with oats, scrubs with turmeric and deodorant without bi carb.  I'll keep you posted. Be into...

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Golly it has been a long time coming but the baby is finally born; so to speak.

First day of my online shop and I am fulfilling my second order!   A big thank you to everyone who has supported me this past year - you know who you are and I am aware sometimes I was a bit grumpy or otherwise preoccupied and sorry but this means that sometimes I wasn't even listening to a word you were saying but I expect you noticed! Did anyone try the yoghurt mask?  I did and you certainly do not have to get organised or do nothing for 1/2 hr. Thankfully! The yoghurt did not go sloppy but maybe that's because it was a cool Tassie day?  I massaged it into my skin and went about gardening blissfully unaware I looked a bit...

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I am into your skin.

Some foods really do make your skin feel great. If you feel like having a little fun and making your skin feel soft and lovely to touch put some plain yoghurt all over your face and neck. Actually, get organised first and put on some relaxing music and a towel on the floor. Fill the sink up with warm water and then lather on the yoghurt!  Wash and dry your hands and lie down because the yogurt will start getting pretty sloppy once it reaches your skin temperature. Try and leave it on for about 1/2 hr. Just listen to the music and chill out. Rinse your face with warm water even if the yogurt hasn't dried. Pat dry. Do this once or...

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