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Body Butter - Dry Skin Essential | Natural | Bonnet + Entrance
Body Butter - Dry Skin Essential | Hand-made organic  | Into Your Skin

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Body Butter - Dry Skin Essential

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This new rejuvenating 100% natural and organic body butter, is brimming with the best skin restoring pure essential oils to repair, protect, heal, and soften very dry skin.

Handmade with organic Tasmanian Hempseed oil, unrefined Leatherwood Tasmanian beeswax, unrefined organic cocoa butter with cedarwood Himalayan, lavender and patchouli pure essential oils. 

Massage a small amount into your skin, including your face, using soft circular motions, enjoying the sweet and earthy, woody scent.

Our handmade spatulas are made exclusively for use with this butter.

Formulated especially for very dry skin types, especially environmentally damaged. 

Use daily, and within 24 months.

Tip: A little of this cream goes a long way.

Shipping weight is 120g, plus the container and our eco packaging.

Handmade in Nannup.

Check out our full list of natural ingredients and their benefits for this sweet butter.