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Babies Moisturising Bath Milk

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Babies Moisturising Bath Milk

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100% Organic.

Whole omilk powder provides a skin nourishing bounty of vitamins and minerals, to cleanse, nourish and soothe your baby’s delicate skin. Use a little in an evening bath as part of your babies calming bedtime routine. It is a great treat for Mum's too. 

Handmade with only 2 ingredients, dried organic whole milk powder  (Vitamin C, soy lecithin and butter oil) and organic arrowroot, this gentle powder is available in two varieties, with a hint of Roman chamomile or lavender pure essential oils.

Shipping weight is 120g, plus the large Mason glass jar.

Kept dry and stored in a cool, dark place, this bath powder will last for a long time.

Handmade in Strahan, Tasmania.

Full list of natural ingredients and their benefits.

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