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Healing Cream - Norma's
Healing Cream - Norma's
Healing Cream - Norma's

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Healing Cream - Norma's

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The miracle all-rounder.

First cold pressed extra virgin Australian olive oil with unrefined Tasmanian Leatherwood beeswax.

Suitable for all skin types, especially delicate skin.

Note: I originally made this cream as a gift for wildlife warrior, Norma Baker, who at 81 had dedicated her life to saving sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, particularly wombats, possums and wallabies, in NE Tasmania. My natural healing cream, now known as 'Norma's', is the best cream she has ever used to heal raw skin on wildlife.

'Norma's' is incredibly gentle, nourishing and effective and has since become an all-rounder, being highly recommended by my clients with sensitive skin for use on eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, scared skin, dry nails, rough feet, used for eye lines, a face cream, a makeup remover, for chapped lips, cracked nipples, a hand cream, a body butter especially for pregnant women, and for a variety of baby skin irritations, including nappy rash, dribble rash, dry skin conditions and cradle cap. 

With it's sweet, honey-like fragrance, it completely nourishes, protects and softens skin. It is the perfect all-rounder. 

For all ages – apply 2-3 times daily, as needed.

Tip: A little goes a long way.

Use within 24 months.

Product shipping weights; 10g, 60g and 150g  tins.

Handmade in Strahan, Tasmania.

Full list of natural ingredients and their benefits.

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