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Vapour Healing Cream | Australian-made Eco-friendy | Bonnet + Entrance
Vapour Healing Cream
Vapour Healing Cream

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Healing Cream - Vapour

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100% natural chest rub using Australian native botanicals.

Handmade using apricot kernel oil, unrefined Tasmanian leatherwood beeswax, unrefined organic cocoa butter, unrefined organic shea butter with lavender, cajeput, lemon eucalyptus, lemon myrtle, peppermint, tea tree, thyme and clove pure essential oils.

The blend of natural ingredients including the Australian native botanicals, have been chosen for their ability to gently clear congestion and help soothe irritated sinuses including lemon eucalyptus, lemon myrtle, and peppermint essential oils.

Apply a thick layer of this warming vapour balm under your nose, on your throat, chest, neck, back, and not forgetting about the soles of your feet, especially under your toes and cover with thick fluffy socks! Use within 24 months. 

Tip: It doubles as a very effective natural insect repellent in summer!

Note: A little goes a long way.

Shipping weight is 10g, plus container and our eco packaging.

Handmade in Nannup, Western Australia.

Full list of natural ingredients and their benefits.