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R-Pet Laundry Delicates Bag

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R-Pet Laundry Delicates Bag

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Features of the R-Pet Laundry Delicates Bag

  • Strong and durable - made to last
  • Reusable 
  • Washable
  • Super lightweight
  • Auto-lock zip won't undo itself even in a fast spin cycle
  • Generous 43cm x 35cm size


There’s no need to dispose of your single-use plastic bottles. Plastic releases chemicals whose hazards are underestimated. Imagine mountains of plastic crammed in one place, producing substances that pollute our waterways, air, and soil. With R-PET's plastic-to-fabric approach, we can help cut down the plastic landfills' density that takes ages to get wiped off! R-PET is completely eco-friendly since it's easily recyclable, BPA-free, and helps reduce the vicious PET plastic.