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Sore Muscle Massage Oil
Sore Muscle Massage Oil
Sore Muscle Massage Oil

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Sore Muscle Massage Oil

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A soothing blend of therapeutic plant oils & pure essential oils for muscle & joint stiffness.

These tension-relieving body oils soothe sore muscles, improve circulation & reduce inflammation. Ideal for use after exertion such as exercise or gardening, or after sitting for prolonged periods such as when travelling or working at a computer.

Chai infused extra virgin olive oil, organic sunflower oil, rice bran oil infused with chamomile & comfrey, with carrot seed, cedarwood, lavender & German chamomile pure essential oils, a good dollop of vitamin E.

Strong (Theo’s)
Organic sunflower oil with cedarwood, Roman chamomile, carrot seed, marjoram, & lavender pure essential oils.

Apply to slightly damp skin following a bath or shower. Suitable for all aching bodies, said to help with pain from arthritis, sciatica and rheumatism.   

Use within 12 months.

Shipping weight is 100ml, plus amber glass bottle.

Handmade in Strahan, Tasmania.

Full list of natural ingredients and their benefits.