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Stainless Steel Tea Balls
Stainless Steel Tea Balls
Stainless Steel Tea Balls
Stainless Steel Tea Balls

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Stainless Steel Tea Balls

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Tea Infuser Ball with Chain, Stainless Steel

Brew loose tea leaves easily and conveniently, without damaging the environment.

The Problem with Tea Bags
Unfortunately, even the most environmentally-friendly teabags are only 70-80% biodegradable. While most of the teabag material will break down eventually and transition into soil, the other 20-30% of the product is made of plastic. Since plastic products can’t fully break down once they are disposed of, they negatively impact the environment. The result: huge amounts of waste added to landfills around the globe!

So what can tea drinkers do instead of buying teabags if totally environmentally friendly teabags don’t exist? The answer is simple - drink loose leaf tea and use a tea infuser ball!

Material: Premium Stainless Steel

Ball Diameter: 3.9cm

H: 5.5cm

Chain Length: 14cm