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Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box - Small
Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box - Small

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Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box - Small

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An all wooden box for your oil bottle collection. AWO's small wooden box comes with a  latch and strong internal hinges, with all internal dividers fully removable making it a very versatile and functional storage box.

These finely constructed storage boxes are crafted from plantation pine, and are a practical and beautiful way to keep your oils safe and protected from direct sunlight, heat and small fingers.

Capacity: 15 Slots to hold 5ml, 10ml & 15ml Bottles.

Size: 180 x 120 x 95mm

Weight: 500g

Colour: Golden Varnished Pine (Please note, colour varies slightly from batch to batch and may not match the exact colour in the photograph shown)

Note: Oil bottles are for display only - Oils are not included